J.D. Salinger goes up to the counter and orders an iced skinny flavored latte. He pays for it, but when the barista tries to give it to him, he instead attempts to engage her in conversation, claiming that he didn’t really want the coffee in the first place. Also, everyone is a phony.

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what if swedes suddenly started to be as patriotical on tumblr as americans 

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spifeypineapple said: It sure does! Again like guinness the crisp are an “acquired” taste. I can get some and send them to you. I’m not sure if you know taytos? They are an Irish crisp but they’ve been made them into a chocolate. Ireland bending the food rules.

Wouldn’t it ruin Guinness for me forever though? ahaha. I do not, honestly I never eat crisps anyway so I’m not even very familiar with Swedish ones. Complete amateur. But hey, I’m all for food rule bending and breaking. I like to put salt on my ice cream so there you go. Maverick.

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Only Lovers Left Alive


Only Lovers Left Alive

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spifeypineapple said: It might be a bit soggy so I could send you Guinness chrisps/chips instead.

Wait, excuse me, does such a thing exist for real? Mind blown.

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spifeypineapple said: I’ll send you Guinness in an envelope.

You know me so well, Sarah.

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my birthday is on Saturday, who wants to send me a birthday card? I can send you a thank you card back because I’m nice and also about to turn 23 so I better fucking make some friends before I die

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